Readings by Saundra Mathews-Deacon
from the poetry series "Earbook"
This 22-part audio series is considered a definitive work by many critics, teachers, students and poetry enthusiasts.

An anthology of readings of important and emerging poets, produced and first broadcast on public radio in 1979-80, the series still airs on public radio stations and enlivens college literature classes around the world.

To hear a full-length program (approx. 30 minutes), click on the poet of your choice.
Conrad Aiken
W. H. Auden
John Berryman
ee cummings
Emily Dickinson
T. S.  Eliot
Kenneth Fearing
Lawrence Ferlinghetti
Robert Frost
Robinson Jeffers
Sylvia Plath
Kenneth Rexroth
Muriel Ruckeyser
Anne Sexton
Stephen Spender
Wallace Stevens
Lynn Sukenick
Dylan Thomas
Walt Whitman

William Carlos
William Butler
Saundra Mathews Deacon
1941 - 1981
Gwendolyn Brooks
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